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fungtaitau baking mat

fungtaitau baking mat


Non-stick silicone baking mat / placemat


Use as baking paper, pastry mat, or just for rolling dough


The small baking mat is designed for mini oven , like just heat up 1 bread for breakfast : )



All products will be ship at 13/1 from HONGKONG, thank you!


Material: Food Grade Silicone, Glass Fiber

Size: H16 x W22 cm, H30 x W30cm

Heat-resistant temperature:250℃

Cold-resistant temperature:-40℃



Food Safe

Water Resistant


Care and Use:

Please keep away from fire & sharp edged tools

Don’t use it without anything when heating in oven



Due to the nature of silicone, dust may easily adhere to its surface. Please wash with mild soap before use.

The material itself may has black dots / slightly scratches which are unavoidable in manufacturing. Thus, it should not be regarded as defective products.

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