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fungtaitau x ying' porcelain tea cup:  yellow moon

fungtaitau x ying' porcelain tea cup: yellow moon


fungtaitau x ying. ceramics

a experimental crossover 


/about ying.ceramics


Ying uses clay/porcelain as medium because she believes that the ceramist and clay are in a close, cooperative relationship, akin to a couple dancing a tango, leading and following with each other. Human and clay pull and push each other to form a bond, turning the intangible into tangible.

Ying believes that human and clay interact in a delicate traction, a kind of interdependent relationship; like a subject and its shadow, it shows the balance between yin and yang or a state of “I live through you, and you through me."



H 73mm

Diameter: 50mm


One of a kind molded porcelain teaware.


Food Safe & Non-Toxic



Gloss Clear


One and Only


Handcrafted in HK

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